Digital Juice: Jump Backs – Part 2 of 8

Digital Juice Jump BacksJump Backs

The first product we will look at from Digital Juice are Jump Backs and Jump Backs HD.  Jump Backs are one of the original Digital Juice products and the easiest to use.  As their name suggests they are animated backgrounds that can be used for menus, title screens, credits, etc.  If your editor supports chroma-key / alpha channels and you have a 2nd video track to use Jumpbacks can be used a background with an object or subject in front of a blue/green screen. 

Jump Backs are network quality that are seamlessly loopable.  The average length is 15 -30 seconds.  On average there are 20 – 40 animations per volume and with the Juicer software you can output them to several formats as needed and also make the loop run the length of time you need.  As of right now there are 59 Jump Backs in the Digital Juice library.  Out of those 59 tracks there are at least 15 that can be useful to the Hobbyist.   Here are the 12 that I would look at right off the bat.  Click on them to goto their DJ gallery and check them out.  Just click on their thumbnail to activate the quicktime preview.  You can also click here for the full list of 59 volumes.

Digital Juice Jump Backs HDJump Backs HD

The original Jump Backs are great but they are all in standard definition 720×480.  Jump Backs HD is a newline of Jump Backs at 1920×1080 (16:9) resolution created at 30 FPS Progressive Scan.  Due to the bigger file size they only average 20 animations per volume.  Currently there are only 34 volumes in Jump Back HD library.  If you are still only working in HD you can still use Jump Backs HD because the Juicer software can let your crop or shrink the clips to fit your needs for standard definition or high definition.   Here is a list of a few usefull Jump Back HD volumes, click here for full list.

Another great thing about Jump Backs HD is they can be used as backgrounds for DVD/CD labels or for screen captures for a still shot.  There higher resolution allows for multiple uses.


Jump Back Training

Here is a good video that overviews Jump Backs and covers advance techniques using Jump Backs with the Juicers software.

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