Digital Juice: Swipes – Part 3 of 8

Digital Juice Swipes Transition WipeSwipes debuted in 2007 and is Digital Juice product to make animated professional looking wipes and transitions.  They are fairly easy to use and instantly bring a professional look to your projects.  Each volume comes with 60 Full Screen animated wipes (30 standard definition both PAL & NTSC, 30 high definition).  Each swipe comes with two audio sound effects to give your swipe a different feel.  Or you can choose to use no sound effect at all.

Like most Digital Juice products you will use their Juice software to export to a format you can use with your video editor.  Unlike Jump Backs & Jump Backs HD that don’t require anything tricky Swipes will require your video editor to work with Alpha Channels.  I use Ulead VideoStudio 11.5 Plus and I need to export to uncompressed format.  This produces a larger file size than QuickTime or other formats but Swipes are typically 10 – 15 seconds long at the most you really don’t have to worry about huge files.

For the Video Hobbyist I would say these Swipes are great additions to your media library:

Some swipes are nice but you may think I would never use that.  Swipes! 08: Wild Water is a good exmample.  Nice Swipes but when would you use them.  A year ago I was editing footage from a family Cruise to Bermuda and I used 3 different swipes from the Swipes! 08: Wild Water to transition between segments.  It looked great and fit the tropical setting of Bermuda.  I would use one swipe for day one, 2nd swipe on day two, 3rd swipe on day three, back to 1st swipe on day four, etc.  It worked great.

Swipes 13 – 22

Swipes 23+

Swipes! Mattes in Premiere

Swipes! Mattes in Final Cut Pro

Swipes! Mattes in Vegas

Using Double Alpha Swipes in Adobe Premiere Elements

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